Republicans Have a Problem…Themselves

Real Talk

I voted Republican. I always do. Hell, I always will…at least until the Libertarian Party can quit using its head to perform its own prostrate exam. I vote Republican because the values and policies that I believe in are more closely aligned with the values and policies of that particular party.

What I don’t do is vote on personality. If I did, I would be an idiot. If you did, you ARE an idiot.

There are quite a few “Republicans” who have come out saying that they voted for Biden. Most of them did this because they do not like Trump. Common statements from these people consist of:

“He says mean or stupid things.”

“He can’t stay off of Twitter.”

“He makes up words and spells them incorrectly.”

If this is the baseline for not liking someone, I wouldn’t like most of y’all.

I’m going to assume that these people were/are Republicans for the same reasons that I am. If that is the case, they chose to vote against their own values simply because of Trump’s personality. A person who can do that doesn’t have morals or values to begin with, and a person with no morals or values is not a person worth knowing, associating with, or listening to.

Personally, I can get along much better with a Democrat, with whom I disagree on most things politically, than I can a hypocritical Republican. This is due to the fact that I base my vote on policy, not personality or feelings.

People who can’t do the same have no business trying to influence others.
To my fellow Republicans, you need to get your crap together. You need to remember that America is bigger than you. You need to remember that there are millions of Americans whom are not interested in your junior high level squabbles.

We see what you do.

We hear what you say.

We remember the actions you take.

We are just as inspired by the mistakes you make, as we are by your successes. The sooner that you, the Republican Party, understands this, the better it will be.

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