The Case For Term Limits

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Congressman Mike Burgess currently represents the Texas 26th Congressional District, and he has for nearly two decades. I don’t think he’s done a horrible job. Heck, I voted for him. At what point, though, do we, the People, reassert our control and say, “It’s time for you to go.”?

Term limits for all elected and appointed government positions is something that I believe in, and support, wholeheartedly. The idea of term limits is also growing in popularity nationwide. In 2019, Gallup reported “three in four Americans say that, given the opportunity, they would vote ‘for’ term limits for members of Congress”. There is also growing support for term limits on Supreme Court justices. I agree with both of these.

We have a system of government which is supposed to be subject to the will of the People, yet, the People are continuously dissuaded from participating in, or campaigning for, elected office due to the simple fact that it is increasingly difficult to garner enough support to challenge a candidate whom is basically homesteaded in his/her seat. This is not right, and it directly contradicts the will and the wishes of Americans.

This is also not a partisan issue, as calls for term limits have been shouted from people on all sides.

So what is the issue?

The answer is simple: greed and power.

Our representatives in Washington have abandoned their sworn duty for their simple desires for power. They have taken the phrase “consent of the governed” and replaced “consent of” with “disdain for”. They now only represent their own self interests.

We can change this.

I challenge each of us to be more involved. Be emboldened to upset the status quo by voting out the “old guard”, and voting in some fresh faces who truly do want to represent in a way that is reflective of the People. Make yourself be seen and your voice be heard.

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