The Price Of Freedom

Real Talk

What would you do to protect your freedom?

Let me ask this in a more explicit way.

How far would you be willing to go to defend your liberty, and the liberty of those around you?

You see…one can always find someone talking about defending his/her freedom, but no one ever actually describes how far he/she would be willing to go. Do you know how far you would go? Would you die for it? Would you kill for it?

The men and women who participated in the founding of this great nation had to answer those very same questions for themselves. Their answers are obvious to us now. They were willing to die, and kill, for freedom.

We now live in an age where it is the “new normal” to tattle on your neighbor over something as trivial as wearing a mask. The petulance does not go unnoticed, however, as the snowflakes are whirling around all year long now. If people would save an ounce of the energy they spend on being in the business of others, and spend it on protecting their own liberty, we wouldn’t be in such a dark place as a nation. It is well past time to remember who we truly are.

We, as Americans, have a deep-seated libertas infused in our DNA. We are fortunate enough to only know freedom and liberty, often taking it for granted. So many in this great nation have no comprehension of the price of that freedom, or a willingness to stand tall to protect and nourish it.

My roots begin with the founding, and that patriotism runs deep. My ancestor, Adam House, knew the price, and at the age of 16, willingly fought for it. I’m a bit older than that, however, I am no less willing than he.

Are you?

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