The Real War On Women

Real Talk

There is a war on women. That cannot be denied. What needs to be realized, however, is that the war is being waged by the very Democrat Party which claims to be their champion.

Gone are the days of women trying to break through the glass ceiling. Real women, the biological, anatomical kind, that we were taught to never hit and always protect, are being replaced with a subset of men pretending to be something which they are not. A man won “Woman of the Year”. Men are winning women’s weight lifting titles, track titles, acting awards, etc., while women are being relegated to the symbolic back of the room.

Just the other day, actress and singer Demi Lovato stated that there are “boys with vaginas and girls with penises”. No, Demi, there are not. What does exist, however, is an obvious rise in mental illness that no one wants to address. People, primarily on the Left, just want to coddle those afflicted and push them into the spotlight. And…they do it all at the expense of “real” women.

Actual women are now having to face the very real probability that they will share locker rooms with an actual penis. But, hey, move along. There’s nothing to see here.

I’m married to an actual woman. She and I are raising two little actual women of our own. They know the difference. We taught them. They also know not to hate, discriminate against, bully, or mistreat anyone who falls into the “trans” category, or any other category under the alphabet soup umbrella. We taught them that, as well.

It is absolutely wrong to show hate towards the trans community. It’s also absolutely wrong to brush actual women aside to give away everything they’ve worked for to men.