The Appropriate Level of Suck


Politicians suck. This is a statement that I believe most of us will agree on…because, for the most part, it is absolutely true.

Now, keeping in mind that we agree that politicians suck, can we also agree that both of our major political parties carry the weight of a significant amount of suckage on their shoulders? I’m sure we can, but that leads us into another set of questions, such as:

What is the appropriate level of suck to tolerate?

Is there anything we can do about it?

Should we even care anymore?

Let me start by tackling the first question. Of course we will have to tolerate certain levels of suck when faced with the political culture in this country. To decide how much to tolerate, however, you must first decide exactly what it is that you want from your government, and, by proxy, your politicians. For me, the answer is simple…I want to be left alone. I want as little government involvement in my life as possible. I want less regulation, less oversight, less manipulation, less input, etc. Obviously, less of each of these will drive down the current levels of suckage, which, in turn, will create a happier population.

I know, I know…there are still two more questions to answer. Let me get right on that. In regards to we, the people, being able to do anything about it…of course we can. We do it by holding those whom we have elected accountable to their oaths and actions. We urge them to follow through on their promises of cutting waste, reducing taxes and debt, and rolling back spending. Let’s be honest…if they’re not at least promising those things, we shouldn’t be electing them to begin with. If they still won’t honor their promises, we replace them with someone who will, thereby, removing the suckage. If you’re having a hard time finding that person who will, then pull up your dang boots and go be that person.

Should we even care anymore? This question saddens me because the answer is obvious. Of course we should care. In spite of her flaws, we still live in the greatest nation on God’s green earth, and we should be proud of that! Nowhere else on earth has a system of government been designed where every single elected leader derives his/her power from the consent of the governed. Nowhere else on earth has a system of government been established in which the People wield absolute power. Sometimes…we just need a little reminder so that we start caring again. Once that happens, we can bag up that suckage, place it in a garbage bin, and set it out by the curb for a Tuesday morning pick up.

The bottom line is that we need to remember that we are in control of this ship. We are the one’s deciding which direction she will go, and how fast she travels to get there. We just need to be the captains that we were born to be.

God bless you all!